How to meet women online

Tips on How to Meet Women Online

Online dating is the exciting and expanding frontier of dating in the 21st century. It’s hardly a “new” phenomenon, but there are always new apps, services and platforms emerging to cater to more and more niches of the wider market. If you’re looking to meet women online, then the good news is that it can happen quickly and effectively with online dating apps. The more difficult news is that there are still many pitfalls and drawbacks with these services if you use them wrongly.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing our best tips on how to meet women online, and how best to avoid the traps and problems that can ensue from not using the software properly.

Tip #1: Research and Choose an Appropriate Platform

Your journey to meeting great women online begins with the right online dating appdating site or other platform. This means you have to do your research. Back in the early 2000s, it was essentially a choice between eHarmonyOkCupid, and Match. Those big early-bird companies completely dominated the market until smartphones came along and a new breed of app along with it — the hook-up app (e.g., Tinder, Her, Bumble, etc.)

You’ll need to break down your search for the perfect app or website into different factors and questions, namely:

  • Cost – How much are you willing or able to pay each month for the chance to meet women online?
  • Target Demographic – What kinds of women are you looking to meet? Is a general audience alright, or do you want to explore a more specific niche?
  • Features – Do you like to just swipe and swipe and leave things up to fate, or do you prefer to go through detailed questionnaires and have profiles matched that way? What other features matter for you? Manual search? Filtering? Map locations?
  • Platform – Would you prefer to use a computer-based website platform, or something on your smartphone?
  • User Base – If you want to cast a wider net and meet more women, you’ll need apps with a large and active user base.

When you’ve researched your platforms, download and/or sign up to the best one, and then look at completing your profile. We’ll cover profile tips in the next part. Choosing the right platform tends to dictate the level of success you will enjoy in meeting new people.

For instance, those looking to hook up or go on casual dates with other users of eHarmony are barking up the wrong tree. That platform has always had a strong focus on marriage and long-term relationships. It isn’t the kind of place people go for hook-ups. Those looking for more casual connections would likely have more success on Tinder or Bumble.

Tip #2: Create an Honest and Full Profile

If you want to meet great women online, it all starts with a stellar profile. The key to a solid profile is to include as much information as possible that people want to know, but without waffling or creating a “too long, didn’t read” situation. Generally, people at least want to understand the following things about you:

  • Name – Not a full/legal name, of course, but something to call you by
  • Age – As close to the real number as possible, please
  • Occupation – If you don’t want to get specific, you can always just put the field you’re in
  • Marital Status – Are you single, divorced, separated, still married? It’s best to be up-front with people about this to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings later
  • About You – Basic hobbies and interests, and what you’re looking for in a relationship: long-term? Casual fun? No strings attached? Again, be honest.

Profiles that are too long and wordy are a turn-off in this short-attention-span society we live in now. Short profiles with no information but just a great-looking photo tell people nothing. If you really want to meet great women, you need a full, honest and proper profile.

Tip #3: Don’t Send Nudes or Dick Pics

You might think that everyone engaging in online dating is just in it for the hook-ups, and anything goes, but in fact there is a pretty strong culture of etiquette that many users are sensitive to. Avoid being overtly crass and sexual in your early encounters with women you meet online. Most people who think they’re being charming and smooth to women online are mostly in reality acting in a rather creepy and off-putting way.

One important part of this etiquette is not sending any unsolicited nudes or dick pics to women you’ve met online. It’s a pretty low move, anyway, not to mention potentially compromising to you down the line. Avoid this kind of behavior as much as humanly possible. Believe us when we see women in general prefer that you don’t send those things.

Tip #4: Avoid Being Pushy or Impatient

One of the traps that people fall into when trying to meet women online is assuming that because it’s all on the Internet, everything should happen faster. While it’s true that online dating has indeed sped up the way in which people make initial connections when dating, but it absolutely doesn’t mean you have a license to pressure people into meeting up faster, agreeing to meet up for sex, or anything else. It can be a huge turnoff for women to feel that kind of pushiness and impatience from people online.

Tip #5: Ask Questions, and Offer Thoughtful Responses

To meet great women online, one needs to know how to conduct a great conversation. This means doing two things when connecting with women online. First of all, ask them questions that prompt discussion and help you learn about that woman. Second, answer their questions with thoughtful, detailed answers that tell her about you. A flowing two-way conversation is the perfect fuel to turn online dating into real-life dating. Keep the conversation moving and don’t let it fizzle out. Mind you, should the conversation naturally or quickly fizzle, perhaps you can also take that as a sign that you aren’t well matched with that woman.

Tip #6: When Meeting, Always Offer Up a Public Place

If and when you meet women online and your conversation leads to both of you wanting to meet up in person, always actively suggest somewhere public, open and well-attended in order to make her feel safe and comfortable. Don’t pressure people to come to your place, even if your only motive is your own convenience. And lastly, when talking to women online, avoid at all times sharing any private, personal or financial information, and steer well clear of anyone asking for money, no matter how many times they tell you they are falling in love with you!