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1.6M people have met their partner on

8 million premium users worldwide

40% Female | 60% Male

1.6M people have met their partner on Match

8 million premium users worldwide

40% Female | 60% Male

In-Depth Review Of

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There are very few online dating services that have been around as long as Match. There’s probably no better argument as to how long than seeing the subtle rebrand from through the late 90s and early 2000s to simply, Match right now. After dominating the online dating scene in the “.com Era”, Match is a clear pioneer of the industry.

But with so many modern online dating services, sites, and apps out there, can Match still compete?

Originally established in 1995 under the name “”, the site was designed by a talented group of college classmates to help hopeful singles find love in an increasingly technological world. However, while they may have been among the first in an extremely sparse market, they’re now among the oldest in a rather oversaturated one.

What has always set Match apart is that, from the very beginning, they consulted a variety of people: men, women, people of color, LGBTQ+ groups, and individuals of various sexual orientation and gender identities – all in an effort to provide a service that was not only comprehensive, but also extremely effective at finding real, lasting, matches for anyone who wanted them. To Match, absolutely everyone deserves a shot at love.

However, even with that beautiful philosophy of inclusion at the heart of this longstanding giant, can the technical side of Match compete with modern apps and sites in the market? We made an account ourselves to find out that very answer. Read on to discover if Match is the right matchmaker for you!


Perfect for finding love

More than 20 years experience with online dating

Offers great smartphone app

Lots of members


The profiles are quite in-depth and can take some time to fill out properly

Signing Up for Match

Match runs an old-school business for dating apps. Because of that, it’s a subscription-based service rather than one overflowing with ads and clickbait boxes. That can be wonderful, but it also means to get the most out of it, you definitely have to pay for entry. 

When starting on Match, this is among the first things you’ll be confronted by after offering your age, your romantic interest, and your zip code to find the matches closest to you. That being said, it’s always important to remember that barriers of entry like a paywall subscription actually benefit the users – the Match dating pool is far less saturated than modern counterparts with spam accounts because nearly everyone there is there to find love.

After the initial sign up, Match has you set to work on filling out your profile. There are numerous options here. As other sites opt for profile photos and short bios, Match introduces new users by having them fill out a rather extensive questionnaire. Well, the initial set of questions takes about five minutes, but to really make the most of Match, answering more questions about yourself helps the algorithm match you with potential companions of a like mind.

How Much Is



Per month: $12.99
Total: $38.97




Per month: $9.99
Total: $54.94




Per month: $7.99
Total: $95.88


Member Structure

Match is one of the biggest and most popular online dating sites. Boasting nearly 20 million members globally, there is a lot of diversity on display and even more signing up daily. In addition to cultural diversity, Match also has a relatively even split across ages. Reports have about 25% of its members under the age of 30, 48% between 30 and 49, and 27% are over 50. To add to that, the site also averages roughly 54% male and 46% female.

Another thing Match is known for is that across all of its age ranges, the site caters more so to long-term commitments rather than short-term or casual dating. In a lot of ways, based on questions, profiles, and general browsing, the site is very reflective of that. It doesn’t mean that Match doesn’t cater at all to casual dating, but with other sites doing the same without a subscription service, it naturally becomes a little less competitive in that arena.


Match offers two basic ways to make connections with other users. The first is by, quite simply, the “Matches” tab. Under that, recommended matches are shown to you one at a time allowing you to analyze profiles, questions, and “like” or move on. When you do “like” another profile, the user will be alerted to your activity, giving them a chance to respond while their profile is stored on your “Likes” list.

Beyond the more algorithmic-based matching, you can also “Discover” new matches on the site. By applying a number of filters, keywords, and location-based searches, you can find people on your own who you feel fit your ideal partner. Both options have been known to offer successful matches, it’s down to discretion which one works best for you!

Contact Options

Being a free user on Match is a relatively limited endeavor. You can send “winks” to profiles who have liked you, but you are limited on your actual messaging to help build that connection. As a subscribed member, on the other hand, you can message to your hearts content and also use the MatchPhone, a way of contacting other matches through voice calls and even video!

The service offers an anonymous and private option to ensure peace of mind, and it also comes included with the subscription at no additional cost. To add to that, any user that you don’t feel is on the site for the right reasons, you are free to block immediately from further communication with you.

Newly implemented, Video Date is another way that users can contact each other. This option is only available after you have exchanged at least four messages, but after that you are free to make calls to other members you have matched with. There is of course no pressure to accept the video call, and you are able to block any user if you don’t wish for further contact.

Match App

The Match app is available for IOS and Android and is just as comprehensive as its website counterpart. With simplified menus, a smooth interface, and all the bells and whistles you need to maximise communication, both the site and the mobile app offer all the sought after features of Match. With that, it’s really up to you how you’d prefer to keep in contact with your potential romantic connections.


Match is arguably the oldest online dating platform out there. But with a phenomenal philosophy on love from the very beginning, and a service that continues to innovate to keep up with the latest technological trends, Match is definitely not slowing down.

It may not be the best service for casual dating, but if you’re looking for a long-term commitment and connection with potential partners you can come to understand on a personal level before even sending that first message – Match is the right service for you.

If you’re finally ready to find love, let Match be your matchmaker.