How to Find Out if Someone is On a Dating Site

How to Find Out if Someone is On a Dating Site

Have you ever wondered if someone you know or might be interested in is on a particular dating site? You might want to search yourself, but then your own profile might be recorded as having visited their profile, which could be awkward. In a different sense, are you worried that someone you’re in a relationship with is on a dating site?

Whatever the source of your curiosity or concern, you should know that there are some simple ways to find out if someone is on a dating site or not. We’ve given a few examples below:

1. Do a Search on a “People” Search Engine

There are a number of so-called “people” search engines such as Spokeo and BeenVerified that you can use to find social profiles, among other things. Since someone’s dating profile username is very unlikely to be their real full name, it’s hard to do a straightforward search on Google. The difference when using one of these people search engines is that you only need to know their full name, email, or phone number. Based on that, it will draw up a detailed report on their various social and dating profiles.

The main downside to these profiles — aside from the potential trust issues between you and the other person — is that you do have to pay for them. BeenVerified and Spokeo are both subscription-based services, but some take advantage of the free trials for a cheap one-off search to confirm their fears/suspicions.


2. Perform a Reverse Image Search

Perhaps the paid detailed report on someone’s online footprint is a bit much, in which case you could opt for a service like Social Catfish, which helps you to perform a reverse image search. This special type of search allows you to submit an image of a person you are trying to locate online, and it will use that image to scan the net for instances of that same or matching pictures being used in other profiles. Like the people search engine, this is also a paid service.


3. Create a Dummy Account

If you’re not willing to pay or you’re after a more direct approach, then you could simply create a dummy account that uses a cartoon or non-human avatar (or just you in a mask?) to get on the same service as the person you’re looking for and then try to find them within that space. You might assume this is like looking for a needle in a haystack, but actually it’s not. Since most of these apps work on distance, the physically closer you are to your target, the easier it is to find them “nearby” on the app.

4. Try to Log-in with Their Email/Phone Number

This method works for a suspicious spouse or other half. If you know their login email or number, download the app and try to login. When you get the password wrong, it might ask if you want to reset. If you click reset, a notification will go to your spouse’s phone (or not, if they’re innocent). If they receive such a notification (SMS or email, usually) then you can consider it “case closed.”

When in Doubt, Try Google

Finally, if all these other methods should fail you and you’re still curious about someone’s dating profile, try using regular reverse image searches on Google or using your smartphone. The Google Chrome browser app has a function that allows it. If there’s no image to use, then try a plain search. You never know, you might get lucky!