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LGBTQ+ Friendly Dating App, Social Platform, and Streaming Service

15 Million Users with 2 Million Unique Streams Monthly

70% Male | 30% Female

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Taimi advertises itself as the world’s largest LGBTQ+ dating application. To that end, the website clearly states the platform’s openness and intent: “Made especially for gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, queer, intersex and anyone else on the gender and sexuality spectrum.”

This impressive philosophy of inclusion is carried further by Taimi’s unique construction. Not just a dating application, Taimi is intended to function as a social network and streaming platform. Opening the application can feel like a mix of Tinder, Facebook, and Instagram. To quote the website once more: “Today, Taimi is a secure global ecosystem for LGBTQ+ people featuring a social network, dating app, and streaming.”

With such a strong philosophy and identity, Taimi is a natural curiosity for LGBTQ+ people looking to connect and date online, but does it provide a great dating experience too? We created a profile to find out! Read our review to see if it’s time for you to sign up for Taimi.  


Great for social media lovers

Ideal for younger lesbian and gay singles

Large app with lots of singles


Not explicitly created with lesbians in mind

Not for casual encounters and flings

How Much Is Taimi?



Per month: $49.99
Total: $49.99



Per month: $6.00
Total: $71.99

Signing Up for Taimi

Signing up for Taimi is fast and painless, thanks to easy integration with other applications. If you have a Google, Facebook, or Snapchat account, you can sign up through those in no time. Taimi will simply lift the available information from those accounts, creating your new profile with minimal hassle. If you choose to sign up via email, however, you will still need to include basic information, such as name, date of birth, and location.

You will also be asked to fill in some other basic information afterward – mostly regarding dating preferences, and sexual identity. They will also ask that you upload at least one photo. As a note, this follow-up process is required regardless of your sign-up method.

That said, the sign-up process is completely free, regardless of your chosen method. Taimi does not offer its services via a website, so interested users need to download the app on their mobile device. 

Member Structure

Taimi benefits from a large and diverse user base, which is an impressive achievement considering it was only launched in 2017. As of 2022, the platform boasts over 15 million users, 2 million unique streams a month, and availability in 138 countries. With only 10 million users listed in 2021, Taimi is growing rapidly. And good news for us, as a US-based company, many of Taimi’s large user base is American.

Regarding the user base, it’s intended to be entirely LGBTQ+ identifying – meaning few users on the service will be straight. The age range is also heavily skewed towards the 18-24-year-old crowd, with the second largest tier being 25-34 years old. Taimi is a platform used overwhelmingly by younger people, so expect most users to be Gen Z or young millennials.

Finally, Taimi doesn’t necessarily cater to the long-term relationship or short-term fling crowd. All interests can be found in its extremely diverse user base.

Matching Process

Taimi has a few different options for finding a match. One option is to take an active role in searching for interesting profiles. This can be done through a search function on the platform, which provides a series of filters for free and premium users. Users can locate profiles of interest and community groups to join.

Taimi also offers a profile roulette system, similar to Tinder and Bumble. When using this feature, the platform will suggest user profiles that can be ‘liked’ or ‘disliked’. If you dislike it, the option is discarded. If you decide to like it, a match will be initiated if the person has also liked your profile. Additionally, there is the ability to ‘heart’ somebody’s profile, which will alert them that you like their profile. This is similar to Tinder’s Superlike and is a fun way to let someone know you are interested.

While signing up for Taimi is free, the application does offer a premium membership called Taimi XL. Users with a free account can message any matches they receive, though both profiles have to have liked each other. This means that, while limiting, Taimi is perfectly usable for dating without paying.

Premium users also gain a visibility boost for their profile, making them more likely to appear to other users. There is also the added benefit of an incognito mode, which allows you to continue using the app, but be visible only to users you have liked or matched with.

Some other essential quality of life improvements also come with Taimi XL. Swipe Undo allows you to undo a no-swipe if you realize you liked the profile too late.

Contact Options

There are a few ways to make contact with Taimi. The most basic is private chats, as it’s the primary way people communicate on the platform. There is also the ability to make video calls with other users, adding more variety and intrigue to communication.

For those members interested in the social media aspect of Taimi, users can post live streams of themselves on the platform. This works similarly to Instagram and allows users to access and view the stream. This can be a fun way to communicate with several people at once and reach a wider audience.

Taimi XL also offers a wealth of additional features that can help improve the user experience on the platform. One of the most important upgrades is the ability to send chat requests. This allows users to send a message to any profile that catches their attention, though the receiving profile will have to accept the invite to chat. Requesting private photo albums is also an added feature, adding even more dynamics to communication.

Finally, “Live Duet” is a new feature that was added during the pandemic. It allows two members to be featured in the same Livestream, essentially allowing two people to host a stream simultaneously.

Taimi Website

Taimi was explicitly designed as an application for mobile devices and is available on iOS and Android. Unfortunately, the only use of the Taimi site is to download the app. However, the app is designed to be easy to use and intuitive.

If you have used Facebook or Instagram, you will likely feel at home on Taimi. The social media aspect of Taimi is still being developed, but there appears to be much potential for the growing community.


Taimi is a unique dating platform that will be interesting to watch grow. As a dating platform, it has succeeded in attracting a massive number of active LGBTQ+ users. Taimi also embraces its status as a welcoming community, inviting a diverse group of users and staying true to its philosophy of inclusion. Though it is still finding its way as a social media platform, Taimi is an excellent place for LGBTQ+ singles to mingle and dive into the dating scene online.