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Free ‘Student Program’ for Female Users

For the Younger Sugar Dating Audience

35% Male | 65% Female

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The sugar dating lifestyle has swept the world of online dating. Even so, it’s still a misunderstood market. One example of how misunderstood it is comes from the founder of Sugarbook, Darren Chan. After the site was controversially banned in his home country of Malaysia, he explained in an interview with Vice that Sugarbook is “a niche online dating website and a respectful platform…”

To him and many others, sugar dating sites fill a gap in the online dating market. Sugarbook in particular is a service that, to Chan, prioritizes security, honesty, and connection.

So, are you interested in the sugar dating lifestyle? Do you enjoy the risqué nature of sugar relationships and value openness and honesty in all your relationships? Sugarbook benefits from media buzz, but does its dating service live up to the hype?

We created a profile to find out. Read on to see if Sugarbook is worthy of a second look!


Easy to use application

Free for college sugar babies to use

Solid verification process


Doesn’t offer refunds of any amount

Not for casual relationships

How Much Is Sugarbook?



Per month: $79.95
Total: $79.95



Per month: $69.95
Total: $209.85



Per month: $59.95
Total: $359.70

Signing Up for Sugarbook

Signing up for Sugarbook is a pretty straightforward process, though it might take some time to get started using the service. You can begin by linking your Facebook profile to save time or start from scratch if you prefer. This will require your gender and interest as a sugar daddy or sugar baby. After that, you need to choose a display name and provide your email.

Once you have put in your email address, you will need to accept a confirmation email that should arrive in your inbox quickly. From there, you have full access to browse Sugarbook, but won’t be able to make contact with other users or share private photos until your account has been verified as authentic.

This can take between 24 and 48 hours.

In the meantime, you are free to begin customizing your user profile. There are a lot of options for providing details. You can list physical characteristics like height, hair color, eye color, and personal qualities like an occupation. You can also offer lifestyle details, such as interest in drinking or smoking, having children, and some hobbies you enjoy.

Additionally, users can upload both public and private photos. As the name implies, public images are available to everyone and can be viewed by other users. Private photos are more secure, only able to be seen by those you share them with.

On top of all these options, there is also a user bio section that gives you plenty of space to talk about yourself, your interests, and what you are looking for in a potential match.

Member Structure

Sugarbook was founded and popularized in Asia, but benefits from an expanding userbase in the United States. Currently, there are around 5,000 users in the US, though it is a growing and active set of users.

The gender makeup of the service skews heavily toward females. About 65% of members identify as female, while the remaining 35% identify as male. This is likely due to the ‘Student Program’ offered by the service, where women actively enrolled in college gain access to a free premium account.

Due to the student program, female members of Sugarbook are typically in their early 20s, though there are plenty of female users in their late 20s and early 30s. This results in a competitive dating pool for women and a more comprehensive selection for male users. Male users have a wider age range, from 25-55, though there is still a good dating pool of men between 18-24.

Matching Process

Matching is a manual process on Sugarbook. You will likely spend most of your time searching for other users in your area. This is done through a detailed search feature that allows you to customize different filters and criteria. If you find someone interested, you can like their profile to add them to your favorites.

Sugarbook is a service that does offer free membership but benefits immensely from a paid subscription. With a free account, you can browse other singles, and you will be alerted when somebody favorites your profile, but you won’t be able to see who favorited you. You also won’t have access to the service’s full chat features, so you won’t be able to communicate with other singles.

With a premium account, you will have full access to communicate with other users. There is also no limit on the number of profiles you can browse through. Additionally, you aren’t limited by your geographic location. While free users only see other users in their area, subscribed users can change their location to access a wider dating pool in different regions.

If you are a free user, there will be a limited number of profiles you will be able to browse before the service doesn’t let you browse anymore. As a premium user, you benefit from not just unlimited searches and browsing but also unlimited location changes. This way, you can begin searching for matches in another country before visiting.

This is an excellent feature if you are planning to visit Asia, where the app is extremely popular.

Contact Options

Making contact on Sugarbook is an easy process. With a premium account, you can privately message other users to begin the conversation. If they accept, you can jump right into communication.

Another option for contact is to favorite profiles of interest. This alerts the other user to your interest and might encourage them to make the first move. Additionally, you can select users to share private photos. These photos are not available to general users and are an excellent way to deepen the connection with other singles once you’ve begun chatting.

Sugarbook App

Sugarbook has an app available on Android, though it isn’t available through the Play Store. To download the Android app, you will have to go to Sugarbook’s official website, where detailed instructions will guide you through the download.

For iOS users, the process is easier, though a bit roundabout. Since the app is unavailable through Apple’s regular app store, users can use Sugarbook Lite instead. This web-based service fulfills the same role as a standard mobile app but takes up less space and lacks push notifications.

Both Sugarbook’s Android app and Sugarbook Lite benefit from the same features and services as the entire platform, so you’ll be free to keep matching and chatting on the go.


Sugarbook is a niche dating service that fills a pivotal role in the dating market. By emphasizing security and confidentiality, Sugarbook provides a comfortable platform for those interested in sugar dating to explore their interests and potential matches.

While the service does suffer from a limited userbase in the US, this also makes each member more valuable as a possible match. If you’re interested in contributing to the growing popularity of sugar dating in the US, then don’t hesitate to give Sugarbook a try.