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1.7 Million Sugar Singles in the US

Non-Location Restrictive Sugar Dating

25% Male | 75% Female

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Sugar dating has swept the modern dating scene. Where some established older singles have struggled in the past to find love, and where some attractive younger singles have struggled in their search for sugar – there wasn’t always a good option. Now, with exclusive dating sites and dating apps catering to sugar relationships, more hopeful singles can find what they’re looking for.

Launched in 2015, Sudy is the definitive modern sugar dating site. Not only does it cater exclusively to sugar relationships, but its focus on being a mobile app has drawn the attention of young and old alike. Shorthand for Sugar Daddy, Sudy has launched a brand for sugar relationships with Sudy Cougar (for mature women) and Sudy Gay & Sudy Les designed for LGBT+ sugar relationships.

By entering the market at every corner, Sudy quickly became a household name in the sugar scene. But with so much competition, can it hold out? We created a profile to see. Read our review to see if Sudy is the ultimate stop for sugar dating or just another stop along the way.


Ideal for sugar babies and daddies

Sugar babies message for free

Try for free for 7 days


Sugar daddies must pay

Not for those looking for love

How Much Is Sudy?



Per month: $69.99
Total: $69.99



Per month: $56.66
Total: $169.99



Per month: $41.67
Total: $249.99

Signing Up for Sudy

Signing up for Sudy is a little different than most dating sites because it isn’t a site at all – it’s an app. When on the Sudy website, you’ll be directed to the Google Play Store or Apple iOS to download the app and continue your sign-up. Although you can sign in online and check a few key factors of your account, it’s predominantly designed for mobile use.

That said, signing up for the app is quick, efficient, and distinctly modern.

After downloading the app, users are asked to input their name, annual income, occupation, and an email address that can be verified. Once that’s done, you can write a description for your profile before verifying your account.

Another important feature of Sudy is its advanced verification system. To ensure no spam accounts enter the site, you are required to upload a picture and then take a picture of yourself with a sign that says “Sudy” to verify you are who you say you are.

This advanced verification is technically optional, but having the verification badge added to your profile from doing it increases member responses substantially.

Member Structure

As far as sugar dating sites go, Sudy is immensely popular. The added bonus is that the majority of members are right here at home in the US, with 1.7 million members signed up and almost 600,000 daily logins. For a sugar site, which is still considered niche, that’s extremely popular.

Of those members, the gender divide is steep. Nearly 75% of members identify as female, and the remaining 25% as male. This isn’t uncommon for sugar sites, as sugar daddies are typically male and babies female. In that way, there is competition on the part of the baby to entice their sugar daddy.

That isn’t to say there aren’t sugar mommas on the site as well, but they don’t represent a large portion of the member base. A further distinction of the user base is that most females are 18-25, while most men are between 35 and 54.

Finally, it should be noted that the user base varies in their interests, with some members looking for a lasting relationship and others for a short-term fling. Another key aspect of that distinction is that users of the site can register regardless of their current relationship status – married or otherwise.

Matching Process

Finding matches on Sudy is similar to a lot of online dating apps – it’s all about the search. With numerous search filters, members can find potential matches based on personal info, looks, occupations, and whether online or offline.

As far as algorithms go, most of what Sudy offers is simply location-based rather than true matching. While you can explore members worldwide, most still show up nearby. With the “Tap It” feature, you can swipe through user profiles and contact them if there’s a match. This service is limited to 10 profiles every 30 seconds to avoid rapid swiping.

Another essential part of Sudy is its ranking system. Sugar babies and daddies are ranked based on their Glamour and Wealth, respectively. This rank is determined by how much “sugar” is spent on a particular baby and how much a particular daddy spends on “sugar.” The “sugar,” in this context, are Sudy coins, which can only be bought with real cash.

Contact Options

As far as the contact options on Sudy, one major bonus is the chatroom feature. Here, members that match through “Tap It” or otherwise can get to know each other better. “Liking” other profiles and pictures are also free regardless of which account you hold.

This is also a good time to mention the differences between a premium and a free account. First to note is the pricing – daddies on Sudy pay about 4x more than babies. That probably breaks even, considering babies outnumber daddies by about 4x. That being said, the significant difference between free and premium accounts is the ability to message other users. With a free account, you can see the first message you receive but nothing else.

Beyond messaging, the other fun features of Sudy are its blog and its considerable influence on the matches meeting in person. Its blog mentions this frequently. For a successful relationship, they encourage bringing it to the real world and seeing how it goes.

Sudy App

As mentioned, Sudy is rare in online dating because it only functions as a mobile app. In that way, for Google Play Store, Android, and iOS, Sudy is optimized for any smartphone. All features mentioned above are fine-tuned for mobile use and feel extremely modern.


In the world of online dating, it can be challenging for newer companies to make an impact. However, Sudy might just be the exception. As an app-only service catering only to sugar relationships, Sudy has seemingly done the impossible. It has gained a following in the millions and continues to grow.

If you’re interested in the sugar dating scene and love the convenience of making connections on your smartphone, then Sudy might just be the best modern sugar dating service out there!