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100,000 active weekly members in the US

Sugar Relationships for the Modern Era

30% Male | 70% Female

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The sugar dating niche has exploded onto the mainstream to the point where “niche” might now be considered a misnomer. With several dating sites catered exclusively to sugar dating popping up everywhere over the last decade, it’s hard to know which ones provide a valuable service and which are simply a cash-grab capitalizing on the burgeoning industry.

Thankfully, even as a new contender on the market, Secret Benefits falls confidently into the former category. Launched back in 2015, Secret Benefits is an online dating site designed to help sugar singles find their next great sugar relationship. With a secure system and various promotions of “no monthly fees,” it’s quickly made a name for itself among the industry giants.

With so much competition out there for sugar dating, can Secret Benefits maintain interest and continue to grow? We made a profile to find out. Read our review to see if Secret Benefits is the last stop on your sugar dating search!


Safe verification process

You can test site for free

Great customer support


No mobile app available

No premium membership

How Much Is Secret Benefits?



Per credit: $0.59
Total: $59



Per credit: $0.34
Total: $169



Per credit: $0.29
Total: $289

Signing Up for Secret Benefits

When signing up for Secret Benefits, one thing to keep in mind is that it often takes quite a bit longer for sugar babies than sugar daddies or mommas. The primary reason for this is that there are far more sugar babies than anything else on the site. They’re encouraged to separate themselves from the pack by paying more careful attention to their profile.

That said, registering for Secret Benefits is still fast and easy to understand. You start by choosing your gender identity and ethnicity, then move on to your birthdate and location. Once all that is specified, you’re asked to provide an email and create a username. You can also add more details about your looks (eye color, height, weight, etc.) or lifestyle (education, smoking/drinking preferences, etc.) here. The last step that unleashes you on the free site is adding a profile picture and uploading a few ancillary images for other members to view.

Member Structure

Secret Benefits is a site that looks to match singles seeking a sugar relationship. There is a little wiggle room within that primary category, but not much. The vast majority of Secret Benefits’ relationships attempt to match those with “experience” to those who are “attractive.” With nearly 1 million members in the US alone, the site has grown fast since 2015.

Divided further, the population of Secret Benefits rounds out to about 70% identifying as female and the remaining 30% identifying as male. Of that split, most females on the site are sugar babies, roughly 18-24 seeking a sugar daddy relationship. Conversely, the males on the site average in the 45-55+ range. There is some nuance in these numbers, as quite a few males are looking for sugar mommas and vice versa, and several relationships exemplify LGBTQ+ friendly dating.

One thing that should be noted here is that although security measures on the site are extreme, many male profiles pretend to be Sugar Daddies or appear much wealthier than they are. This issue has been addressed by the site with restrictions, but some still slip through.

Matching Process

One of the greatest selling points of Secret Benefits is that it is a “free” dating site with no monthly payments. As you might imagine, there is a caveat to that. While exploring the Secret Benefits site is free, it makes money by charging credits for its features.

For example, there is no actual matching algorithm on Secret Benefits other than location-based recommendations. The search feature is designed as the site’s centerpiece to offset that. You can get unlimited results through the search, assuming there are members in your filtered criteria. This is also an excellent opportunity to ensure that user profiles you’re interested in are “verified” to prevent contacting a spam account. While exploring, you can view any member’s pictures so long as they aren’t hidden. If they are, the Secret Benefits credit system comes into play.

Contact Options

To make contact or take advantage of the features on Secret Benefits, credits have to be purchased. Although they have a very fair pricing system, it still takes the philosophy of a date-by-date basis. To message someone, you’ll have to pay a credit fee for that particular person. This isn’t a problem assuming you feel enticed by a select few rather than a large number on dating sites.

Beyond simple messaging after a fee, you can also communicate for access to Secret Albums. These are where members upload sexy photos for potential partners. It should be noted that nudity and overly sexually explicit images are still banned in these albums and will be flagged by moderators.

Secret Benefits App

At the time of writing, there is no mobile app for Secret Benefits. There is a mobile browser with all the same features as the website, which can use location-based matching.


There are more dating sites on the market every year, and the sugar dating scene has found its way to the mainstream. Secret Benefits has its competition cut out for it, but with a sleek and modern site, alongside fun features like the Secret Album, it’s quickly found a stellar following.

Although it lacks a mobile app and a few quality-of-life features found on other dating apps, it more than makes up for it with the credit-based system that allows for more autonomy than a monthly membership. In that way, Secret Benefits is one of the only “free” sites on the market. If finding a sugar relationship is something you’ve set as a goal in your future, what have you got to lose by trying out Secret Benefits?