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Matchmaking Service for Lesbians & Bi-Curious Females

460,000 Active U.S. Users

10% Male | 90% Female

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Sometimes dating sites cast the widest to attract the largest potential base. However, among those general and often vague dating sites, there are also a few that directly cater to a specific niche – and even a subset of that niche. That’s exactly what you get with Pink Cupid.

Pink Cupid is a dating site and matchmaking service for lesbian and bi-curious women. Started in 2006, Pink Cupid is part of the “well-established Cupid Media Network that operates over 30 reputable niche dating sites.” That means it not only has the backing and support of the Cupid Media conglomerate but the specified attention and userbase of a smaller dating service.

The question is, can Pink Cupid be the premier dating service for lesbians and bi-curious women with competition from the larger LGBTQIA+ friendly sites out there?  We created a profile to find out. Read our review to see if Pink Cupid’s arrow hits the mark.


Lesbian dating site

Long track record

Large community of singles

Simple interface


Only basic profile functionality

Lacks some more advanced features

How Much Is PinkCupid?



Per month: $29.98
Total: $29.98



Per month: $20.00
Total: $59.99



Per month: $10.00
Total: $119.98

Signing Up for PinkCupid

Signing up for Pink Cupid can take longer than many dating sites. You start by inputting your first name, followed by your age, preferred email, and password. After that, it will undergo verification – but in the meantime, the site allows you to explore freely. Backed by Cupid Media, you can be assured that the site has high-level security measures to keep your data safe.

After the initial sign-up, you will have to verify a few fields. For example, you’ll have to upload an ID to clarify your age. Past that, you’ll be asked to add a good bit to your profile to get started. This includes at least three pictures of yourself, a description of an ideal match, hobbies, interests, and some questions about your personality.

It should also be noted that you can link your profile through your Facebook, where much of this info will be filled in automatically. However, restrict the access to Pink Cupid when this happens, so you don’t end up posting an ad for the site inadvertently.

Member Structure

Pink Cupid is designed exclusively for lesbians and bi-curious singles. In this regard, over 90% of the members identify as female. However, another stipulation is that this site is more of a matchmaking service than a casual date or hook-up service. A majority of the members you meet will be looking for a romantic connection or something more long-term.

Past that, Pink Cupid claims to have millions of users worldwide. However, as a branch of Cupid Media, that might be somewhat misleading. A more accurate number of members is closer to around 460,000 in the U.S., with about 30,000 new members each month.

Of those numbers, the most common age range of users is 25-34, followed closely by 18-24. It should also be noted that male members still sign up for the service, but moderators try to limit it.

Matching Process

One of the reasons for the extensive sign-up process is that Pink Cupid takes its profiles seriously. With a lot of detail, images, and details, every profile is designed to be a window into a particular user’s life. For that reason, each one is required to have a minimum of seven “CupidTags.” These tags include the hobbies and interests we mentioned above, and more are welcome!

On PinkCupid, exploring other profiles is free. However, that’s about the extent of the free options. To make contact with other users, you’ll need a premium account. That being said, other users can still contact you – but more on that later. For now, PinkCupid does have a matching algorithm that shows how likely a match is to meet your own interests and what you’re looking for.

However, a majority of users search for others through the extensive search engine. With filters catered to particular ages, interests, and more, this is the most efficient way to find matches.

Contact Options

As mentioned previously, to make contact on Pink Cupid, you’ll need a premium account. That said, other members can still message you, and you can respond freely regardless of your subscription. This is also an important point to mention that contact options on Pink Cupid are decidedly limited.

Members can message others, and that’s about it. One nice feature is because Cupid Media is a global brand, messages can be translated regardless of where the user is from. This can be beneficial for making connections outside your home country.

Past that, one of the only added features on Pink Cupid is the “Glam Photo Competition.” This, rather than specifically a contact option, is a chance to engage with other users. Each month, users can upload their most “glamorous” photo, and one winner is chosen to receive a 3-Month Platinum membership. A few runner-ups also receive a 1-Month Platinum membership.


PinkCupid App

Pink Cupid does have a mobile app available on the Google Play store. Through it, users have all the same features of the website and even a 24-hour free trial to see the app uninhibited.


Pink Cupid seeks to offer an LGBTQIA+ friendly site that caters specifically to lesbians and bi-curious women. Although it is limited in features and contact options, its steadily growing user base and backing from the Cupid Media conglomerate make it a trustworthy option for online matchmaking.

If you’re a lesbian or bi-curious female who is looking for a long-term relationship and romantic connection, Pink Cupid might just shoot the arrow of love that you want to follow.