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“Create a Trip” Feature for Luxury Getaways

67% Male | 33% Female

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Are you a wanderlust single? Do you love to travel to new and exotic locations but also enjoy the thrill of an adventurous companionship? If you said yes to either of those questions, you might be the target market for MissTravel – an online dating site designed specifically for adventure-seeking singles looking for a partnership and love.

Founded by the niche dating service entrepreneur Brandon Wade, MissTravel is a unique dating service that caters to a particular brand of single – those with perpetual wanderlust. Those seeking to combine companionship and a mutual love of luxurious travel. If this sounds like a good fit for you, then read our review to find out if MissTravel lives up to its unique mission.


Travelers looking for other travelers

Also for friendships and connections

Free access for women


Men need to afford a lavish lifestyle

Many scammers and fake profiles

How Much Is MissTravel?



Per month: $39.95
Total: $39.95



Per month: $34.94
Total: $104.82



Per month: $29.95
Total: $179.70

Signing Up for MissTravel

Getting started is an easy five-minute process for MissTravel. All you need is a functional email address to get started. Sadly, no Facebook or other social connectivity is available at this time. Instead, you’ll begin the process by creating a unique username. This will be the name that is associated with your profile, so be sure to choose something appropriate for interactions on the platform.

Once you have created a username, you will be required to verify your email address. After this is completed, you have the option to fill in some basic profile information to get yourself started. It should only take about five minutes to sign up and get started. Just like jet-setting on a whim, this process is very streamlined.

If you are looking to flesh out your profile with further information, then you can take some time after the sign-up process to add a few fine-tuned details. It is advised to have at least three profile photos and to include some information about yourself and travel interests. It’s also common for users to list upcoming trips on their profiles.

That way interested singles can reach out if they share similar travel bucket lists!

Member Structure

MissTravel has a fairly unequal gender distribution with the majority of its members, around 67%, identifying as female. The remaining minority of 33% identify as male. Of that divide, male members tend to be middle-aged singles with disposable income and travel aspirations. By comparison, female users are generally younger singles in their 20s.

While there is no standard for how singles interact, the site tends to have a lot of young females looking for older males to financially support them in their travel dreams. The travelers of MissTravel aren’t the adventurous, hostel-seeking, discount traveler either – but are often looking to enjoy five-star resorts and Michelin Star Restaurants. This is something to keep in mind when signing up for the service.

As you might imagine, the site is international, but the majority of users are from at home in the United States with 272,000 active members. Other large portions of the userbase are from the United Kingdom and Belgium. On their website, MissTravel boasts 680,540+ travel companions, 77,200,000+ miles traveled, and 201,379+ trips created. Of that variety, relationships of all kinds have begun on the site – whether long-term or short-term.

Matching Process

The matching process on MissTravel is predominantly a manual affair. If you want to find someone, the search bar is your best way to go about it. This is made easier by a suite of advanced search filters, however, which can let you narrow in on trips and companions of interest.

For a little less hands-on searching, you can make use of several lists made available by the platform. For example, going to your list of “favorited” profiles will provide you with the option to view those members who have favorited you. For a fee, you can also view a list of profiles that have viewed you.

Most of your time on the service will be looking through lists generated by interactions with your profile, or manually searching through users to find trips and companions of interest. This might sound labor-intensive, but the more users engage on the site the more they appear on generated lists, so you won’t have to stray too far through the filters to find interesting singles.

Contact Options

As far as contact options, MissTravel is broken down into free and fee-based services. When signing up, users can select the free service option to get started. This allows you to upload photos, post trips, and add profiles to your favorites list.

It’s important to note that only males who are premium members can read and send messages. This means that only a premium service will allow male users to actually use the site, so it is suggested to go for the paid option if you want to start matching. For female users, more options are available for communication because the site is free to them. This also very likely accounts for the wide disparity between female and male users on the service – still, it provides more opportunities for matching if you are a male user seeking a female companion.

Other than that, making contact on MissTravel is fairly straightforward. You can send messages to users of interest, and they can respond. Female users can send and receive messages with a free account, but only paid male users can do the same.

One feature unique to MissTravel is the “Create a Trip” option.

If you are interested in organizing a trip, you can use this feature to create a travel plan, including location, travel dates, and who will be paying. Other users can see this plan on your profile or can search for it using advanced filters. This feature is a primary source generating interactions on the service as travel is the main area of interest for the majority of users.

MissTravel App

Sadly, MissTravel does not have a mobile application version that can be used on the go. That being said, the website is designed for use on mobile, so it can be accessed with proper proportions and accessibility for the smaller screen size. All features are available, with a familiar and usable layout.


MissTravel isn’t the most complex or feature-filled dating service, but it does perform well at its intended purpose, matching like-minded travel enthusiasts for exhilarating five-star trips. Finding a niche in the wide world of online dating can be difficult, but MissTravel definitely seeks a unique audience.

With that in mind, if you are a successful single with perpetual wanderlust looking for a travel companion, then MissTravel may be the perfect place to find your next trip and love story.