How Can You Make a Guy Chase You?

How Can You Make a Guy Chase You?

In your search for love, have you ever felt as though you are simply growing weary of being the one who is chasing others? For some, it can feel like the only way to get with someone is to be the one who goes after them and hopefully gets them to go on a date or more. You might have thought you were destined to forever be in that role, but this is just not the case.

How, then, can you make a guy chase you? How can you become the one who is pursued for love rather than the other way around? These are the questions we are seeking answers to in this article.

Ways to Make a Guy Chase You

Keep Your Own Schedule

Our first and second points in this list have some connection and interplay, so be sure to read at least both of those, if nothing else. It’s important for a guy to see that you have your own life and schedule, and thus are not available to be at his beck and call whenever he wants. For any guy who is genuinely interested, the result is that he’ll work harder to find time to be with you.

The mistake some people make here is to fill their schedule to the point where they have either no time or no energy to see a guy in their spare time. Be sure to strike a good balance, leaving ample windows for dating, but that these windows are ones that the guy will also have to expend some effort in order to find. You might make some mistakes on the way, but it’s crucial that any guy chasing you knows that you are your own person with your own life.

Play Hard to Get

Following on from the previous point, it’s also useful for a guy to feel that you are something of a challenge to pursue. If you offer yourself up too easily once the chase has begun, then there’s little to no thrill to be had there. Guys will chase you harder if there’s an element of challenge in their way. What’s more, this can be an excellent filtering system to sort the wheat from the chaff. Those unwilling to make any pursuit are probably not worth your affections, anyway.

Therefore, be available enough, but not in such a way that makes the whole process too easy for him. Express your desire to find a window for him, and keep him trying his best.

Dial Up the Flirt

Next, all of this chasing requires the guy to be adequately “fueled up,” and the best source of this fuel is the sexual tension you can create with some well-placed flirting. It’s no secret that men are very often driven by their sexual desires, and you can use that to your advantage, albeit with some care.

Casting flirtatious looks, playing with your hair, or giving a sweet smile here and there can all add fuel to the engines of a man’s pursuit, helping to spur him on and keep him interested. Don’t be afraid to add some flirtatious subtext to your communications with him, either.

Maintain an Air of Mystery

An important part of a guy pursuing you is him trying to learn all he can about you in order to find ways to further impress and please you. It’s too easy sometimes to be too forthcoming and give away the game too quickly. Maintaining a certain level of mystique about you will keep him curious and interested, eager to learn more about you and spend more time with you in the process.

Don’t reveal everything about yourself all at once. If you’re building a dating profile, for example, just offer up enough to get someone to message you, but leave the rest to be discovered. People with long and detailed dating profiles give away a lot early on and it can be off-putting for those looking for a bit of spark and magic in a new relationship.

Indicate That He’s Not Alone

Jealousy may be considered one of the seven deadly sins, but it can also be an effective tool if used carefully when trying to get a guy to chase you. If you let it be known, subtly if possible, that your guy here is not the only one in contention for your affections, it can be like a massive fuel injection that sets a man’s mind in motion to think of all the possible ways to pursue you and win your affections.

For instance, you might mention that someone else has been messaging you a lot recently. You won’t give any further details, of course, nor will you admit that it has been flirtatious communication from the other person. It’s best left to the guy’s imagination for this to work. There are some who might call this “playing games” but if you do in fact have others who are messaging you and you mention it to a guy you’re more interested in, it can either spur him on to do more for you, or even weed him out as he gives up.

Accentuate Your Best Features

Finally, it never hurts to look your best at all times when you know the guy will see you. Dress well, and highlight those features that you know will set his mind racing. We’re not saying here that you have to go everywhere dressed for the Met Gala, but making an effort to look your very best will ensure that you always catch his eye when he’s nearby.

In the End, Being Chased Is Best

There are further advantages to being the one who is pursued in the relationship rather than the other way around. Some might believe that as long as one gets the desired result, it surely doesn’t make a great deal of difference, but this isn’t the case.

When you make a guy chase you, the added benefit is that you weed out the “unworthy” guys who are either unwilling to pursue you, or who are otherwise lacking in something that you want. So, if you can make it so that you are the one being pursued, you’ll more likely end up in a situation that you’re happy with.