Facebook Dating
Review 2023

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Social Media Giant Turned Matchmaker

30 Million Members in the US

57% Male | 43% Female

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In-Depth Review of
Facebook Dating

Facebook has become a staple of modern life. With millions of users worldwide and an ever-expanding set of services, it makes sense that Facebook (now Meta) would branch into online dating.

While it might seem odd to use Facebook as a dating service, rest assured that Facebook Dating stands on its own as a dating platform completely untethered from the Facebook we know. After all, what better service to enter the dating world and access a massive pool of fellow singles than one of the most popular social media services on the planet?

Looking at it that way, Facebook Dating is surprisingly convenient and intensely private. With the popularity and technology of Facebook at its back, does Facebook Dating stand up to the competition? We created a profile to find out. Read our review to see if Facebook can turn its social platform into the premier matchmaker. 


Completely free

Lots of users

Matching based on shared interests

Use your excisting Facebook account

Focus on establishing strong and lasting relationships


You’ll be exposed to ads

Only available through the Facebook app

How Much Is Facebook Dating?

Using Facebook Dating is completely free, although you will be exposed to ads from Facebook.

Signing Up for Facebook Dating

Signing up for Facebook Dating is as easy as signing up for Facebook and shouldn’t take more than a minute.  To begin, you will need to have a Facebook account already. Thankfully, this is the only connection to Facebook that Facebook dating has. When signing up for Facebook Dating, you will need to create a whole new profile for the service that won’t have any ties to your Facebook profile.

Facebook and Facebook dating are entirely separate platforms, so you won’t have to worry about inadvertently sharing your dating life with your regular Facebook friends. Facebook Dating has its chat system and won’t mix with regular Facebook Messenger.

There is also no chance of accidentally creating a Facebook Dating profile since the process isn’t automatic and requires your input. If you find people you know on Facebook dating and don’t want to interact with, you can block people on Facebook Dating without blocking them on regular Facebook.

Finally, there isn’t any unique verification process for Facebook Dating since your existing Facebook account is proof of its authenticity. You will need to verify your city/location, however, which can be done through your phone’s current location services.

Member Structure

Facebook Dating has something important going for it – it’s a free service. This means that all members have access to a complete set of features, and there isn’t a two-tiered hierarchy dividing users into free and paying accounts.

In addition to that, Facebook Dating benefits from the popularity of Facebook. Even as a relatively new service, the US is home to roughly 30 million Facebook Dating users. This translates to a massive dating pool across the country. Users will also benefit from plenty of active singles abroad, where the service is popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Brazil, India, and the European Union.

Members of Facebook Dating are also quite diverse, with options to identify as non-binary and room for LGBTQ+ individuals to express themselves and their preferences.

The dating platform has a roughly equal distribution of male and female-identifying members, with slightly more significant representation for men at 57% to females at 43%. Most members are also young – the 18-24-year-old demographic is the most popular followed closely by the 25-35 age range.

Matching Process

Facebook is a big data company, and with all that data comes a tailor-made experience. Using the information available, Facebook Dating will suggest interesting matches with a high chance of compatibility. This can be based on shared interests, commonalities in profiles, and mutual friends. If that last one sounds unappealing, there is an option to turn off matching for friends of friends.

If you want more control over the dating experience, you can also add custom filters to narrow down the users you will browse through. In addition to that is the Secret Crush option designed to add some excitement to existing relationships in your life. This feature allows you to select up to nine of your Facebook friends as “Secret Crushes.” If both of you have selected each other, you will be matched.

While the “swipe left or right” style of dating made famous by Tinder is widespread across several dating platforms, Facebook Dating isn’t one of them. A core of Facebook Dating’s philosophy is fostering deep connections and strong relationships. To encourage meaningful interactions, Facebook Dating doesn’t offer the opportunity to swipe right. If you don’t like a profile, you can select “Not Interested.” If you do like a profile, you can reach out to communicate, but this won’t be as simple as a one-liner.

Contact Options

When you want to message another user on Facebook Dating, you can select a detail in the person’s profile or a particular photo of them you like and ask them a related question. This is a way to get the conversation going and ensures you are already starting the process of learning about each other.

Once you send the message, the person’s profile will not be viewable by you. This will ensure the other person has control over responding and allows them to feel comfortable by retaining agency in the conversation. That works both ways, to ensure you approve who reaches out to you as well.

Once the other person has responded, you can message as usual. Similar to Facebook Messenger, this service will be kept separate to avoid confusion. Also like Messenger, Facebook Dating includes a video and calling service included in the app for virtual dating.

Facebook Dating App

Facebook Dating is designed predominantly around mobile use, so users shouldn’t be concerned about losing functionality on the phone. The service can be accessed via the regular Facebook app but your dating profile will be entirely separate from your standard profile. In that way, you have the option of switching between the two services in the app.

Sadly, there isn’t currently any way to access Facebook Dating through the regular Facebook website at this time, so only mobile users will be able to use it.


Facebook Dating offers a lot of content for the best price – free. With tons of incentives to try it out, from a diverse dating pool to an algorithm designed to produce quality matches and security, there really is something for everyone.

The fact that this is all done without the need for additional fees is the icing on top of an already ideal cake. If you are interested in exploring singles in your area to build a meaningful relationship, then Facebook Dating might just be the perfect place to start.