Christian Connection
Review 2023

Christian Connection

For Christian Singles looking for love

Award-Winning Dating Site

52% Male | 48% Female

For Christian Singles looking for love

Award-Winning Dating Site

52% Male | 48% Female

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In-Depth Review of
Christian Connection

Christian Connection - Bestæ Christian Dating Sites

In the wide world of online dating, finding romantic partners that are not only based on initial attraction, but on shared values can be a challenge – that’s what Christian Connection hopes to help with. Created back in 2000 from the UK, Christian Connection, an award winning Christian dating site, is a service devoted to helping Christian singles find love.

The challenge of any niche dating site is creating a platform where users can find love by first, inherently, limiting the dating pool. In that way, there may be less fish in the sea, but hopefully those fish are the ones you’re more interested in. The other challenge faced by Christian Connection is finding ways to innovate in the years since 2000, as other dating sites have arrived on the market and changed how we view online dating as a method for matchmaking.

To see if Christian Connection lives up to its award-winning home page, we created a profile. Read our review to see if Christian Connection really is the best way for Christians to make a romantic connection.


Perfect for those looking for long-term commitment

Free 3-day trial period

Affordable Christian dating site


Small membership base in US

Freemium plan is very limited

How Much Is Christian Connection?



Per month: $16.00
Total: $16.00



Per month: $11.00
Total: $33.00



Per month: $8.00
Total: $48.00

Signing Up for Christian Connection

To sign up for Christian Connection, users start by providing their email and password, and verifying it. Afterward, the fine tuning of the profile begins. They’ll answer questions about their gender, sexual orientation, age, and location. From there, they’ll also be asked to write brief blurbs about themselves, filling out a list of interests, and choosing the photos they would like to use.

Users can also indicate if they are looking for a short-term or long-term relationship, as well as what kind of partner they are hoping to find. This is where questions regarding faith really come to the forefront, as its not only about who you are, but the kind of faith-based connection you hope to make. To that end, the site encourages users to expand on their own relationship with Christianity, their philosophy on belief, and the role religion or spirituality plays in their lives.

All in all, it can be a quick or a lengthy sign-up process. However, the more you do on the front-end, the better the site can help you on the back-end. It’s also important to note here that the sign-up is free, and all new users are granted a 3-day free trial when activating their account.

Member Structure

Christian Connection has a diverse member base divided by roughly 48% female and 52% male. Surprisingly, this site used to be dominated by females but that became somewhat of a selling point and many romantically hopefully males joined to skew the percentage. That being said, men and women of all ages, religions, and sexual orientations are welcome to join.

Most members are in their early 20s to mid-30s, which already goes to show the kind of innovations the site has made to stay relevant over two decades later – which we’ll get into. Before that, however, something to note about Christian Connection is that the niche really does have it suffer from a smaller user base, with only 20,000 members from the US. That being said, it’s a very active group, with almost 18,000 of those being active weekly.

In that regard, we try not to focus too much on the actual member count because this is a dating site designed to be used and then moved on from. A dating site designed for long-term connections where users don’t stay long-term is a good sign!

Matching Process

Christian Connection’s matching process is based on user compatibility. When a user completes their profile, they are asked a variety of questions about themselves and what they are looking for in a partner. This information is then compiled and used to create a compatibility score for each user. Matches are then determined by looking at the people who have the highest scores for each other.

The site also offers a variety of features that cater to different types of relationships. For example, there is a section for Christians looking for other Christians, as well as a separate section for those who are open to dating people of other faiths. Additionally, users can specify if they are looking for a serious relationship or something more casual.

Another bonus of Christian Connection comes from it being a community-based platform. To that end, making connections and matching can also come in the form of fellowship, where users can comment openly on discussion boards – most in reference to their faith or hardships encountered in the modern dating world. Additionally, Christian Connection encourages its users to engage in social gatherings, meeting up to see other members face-to-face and build connections in a public setting or even at a shared place of worship.

Contact Options

Christian Connection offers a variety of contact options. Users can send messages to each other, chat with each other in real-time, and share photos and videos. They can also favorite each other, which allows them to keep track of the people they are interested in.

It’s fairly bare bones, but this is also where the distinction between free and premium accounts becomes apparent. Free members can search for potential matches, send or receive messages, view other member profiles, and wave to potential matches. Premium members, on the other hand, have access to additional features, such as the ability to see who has viewed their profile, read messages from other premium members, and most importantly unlimited messaging.

Free accounts, even the free trial, are limited to five messages per day.

Recently, Christian Connection has also made the effort to modernize by adding a video chat feature. With a successful implementation last year, premium users have access to this great asset for furthering connections and even going on remote dates.

Christian Connection App

There is a mobile app for Christian Connection available on both iOS and the Google Play Store. It has all the features of the site version, including the recently added video chat feature. For android users, the only way to access the site is through the mobile browser.


With over two decades of experience and awards, Christian Connection is a site devoted to helping Christian singles find love. Although the niche is inherently more limited than some of the larger competitors, Christian Connection benefits not only from an extremely active and engaged user base, but from a development team devoted to innovation.

It’s easy to have a site initially designed in the early 21st century be dwarfed by modern competitors, but Christian Connection has made a point to modernize and nowhere is that clearer than its most active user base being a younger demographic of Christian singles. If you’re a young Christian looking to make a romantic connection, then there might be no better place to start your search!