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Online dating services have always been about fulfilling the particular needs of singles. While some services seek to attract any and everyone, other dating platforms are more specific. With BeNaughty, the platform knows exactly what its users want. Skipping small-talk and jumping right into dirty talk.

BeNaughty users are able to express intentions for sexual encounters with minimal restriction and the service unabashedly caters to those looking for quick flings and fun encounters. That being said, BeNaughty isn’t alone in the casual dating market. The question is, can it compete?

We created a profile to find out. Read our review to find out if BeNaughty can succeed in bringing the “naughty” to online dating.


Perfect for finding a hookup

Free features for women

Quick registration


Relatively few women

Fake profiles

No app for iOS

How Much Is BeNaughty?



Per week: $2.73
Total: $2.73



Per month: $45.00
Total: $45.00



Per month: $16.20
Total: $48.60

Signing Up for BeNaughty

Signing up for BeNaughty is a quick and free process that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. To get started, you need to provide basic information about yourself.

This will include your name, age, gender, location, and email address. Location is particularly important, as the service uses your geographic area to determine which profiles to display for you. As a location-based dating service, you’ll most often match with local singles in your area.

Though a valid email address is required for signing up, BeNaughty does not use email verification. Instead, new users must upload at least one photo of themselves. The photo cannot have been used on the service before. Once this is done, the picture will be verified as original, and your account will be validated. Any photo featuring nudity, pornography, or a celebrity will be automatically rejected.

Member Structure

Most members on BeNaughty are in their 20s and 30s. Among those, the majority identify as male – nearly 75%. The remaining 25% identify as female but BeNaughty is also LGBTQ+ friendly, and users of different genders and sexualities are common.

As far as numbers, the service isn’t too big in the US. While the company website advertises millions of accounts on their platform, the actual US membership stands not far above 100,000. This means large urban centers are your best chance for finding matches, as user density is low in less populated areas.

As you might expect from the title, most everyone on the site is looking for a short-term fling or hook-up. That isn’t to say long-term relationships don’t form here, but it’s not necessarily the objective.

Matching Process

Matching on BeNaughty is quick and easy. Most of your time will likely be spent using the search function. This allows you to apply filters based on what you’re looking for in a fellow single and scroll through matching results.

 Any profile that appears will be from someone in your area since the service is location specific.

BeNaughty offers free membership options, but a paid subscription is necessary to experience the service’s full features. As a free member, you can apply filters when searching for users, add people to your favorites list, see the list of other users online, and view the New Members List.

Users can also access the “Best for You” section, where BeNaughty will highlight specific profiles that seem compatible with you. For those looking for a “swipe left or right” Tinder-type experience, the “Like Gallery” provides a game called “Cute or Not” that can help gamify the whole experience.

For paid accounts, the most significant change is the addition of messaging for males. Because of that, BeNaughty isn’t very effective for men unless they sign up for the subscription service.

Contact Options

One thing to note about BeNaughty is that messaging is only free for female accounts. For male accounts, only winks are available, and messages cannot be read. However, you will receive a notification when someone sends you a message. That said, the messaging service allows for sending photos and videos, so you have some options for spicing up communication.

There is also a mass communication option called Flirtcast, which allows you to send a generic message announcing your dating intentions/references to multiple users. Paid users will also be able to see other users’ general location, so they will know how close they might be.
A final communication option on BeNaughty is paid access to the “Looking for” dating info, where users can list the kind of relationship/interaction they want in their dating life. This particular piece of information can be done upon sign-up.

BeNaughty App

BeNaughty offers a full-service mobile app with all of the features available on the full site. Arguably, the mobile site is the better way to experience BeNaughty’s location-based features in a form tailor-made for mobile devices.

The app particularly excels with the “Cute or Note” game, as it is easier to play in the portable format. As for downloading the app, it is currently only available for Android users at the moment through the Google Play store. iOS users will have to make use of the BeNaughty website for now.


BeNaughty is a dating platform that knows exactly what it offers its users – a direct line for a casual fling or hookup. It boasts all of the features and services of its competitors, with some additional features added for fun.

For users with specific interests, the detailed search functions are excellent, and the ability to send photos and videos through messenger allows for some variety in communication. The Flirtcast feature is also a unique way to contact multiple people, allowing users to be direct with their intentions.

Although BeNaughty suffers from a smaller user base and a lack of female users, it’s still a great option for those in big cities looking for a late-night hook-up or casual date.