Signs You’re Falling in Love

Signs You’re Falling in Love

They do say that there’s no feeling more powerful than that of true love, don’t they? And yet, surprisingly, it’s also a feeling that some people don’t realize that they are experiencing. After forming an initial romantic connection with someone, and then dating them for some time, people might wonder about where the relationship will go next. Some feel they have fallen head over heels in love with the other person, but others are not so sure.

When you are experiencing true love, it’s a wonderful thing to pursue, but when there’s no real love there, it might be better for everyone if a relationship ends. So how can you tell if you’re really falling in love with someone? Here are a few concrete signs:


1. You Miss Them When They’re Not Around

Do you find yourself thinking about the other person constantly when they’re not around? Does it make you feel happy to think of that person and your time together with them? Do you get these feelings even when that person just goes out for a short time perhaps to run an errand? These are very common signs that your feelings for another person have graduated beyond mere physical attraction and infatuation.

One of the most important factors behind love is a strong sense of genuine care and concern for another person. That feeling of missing them and thinking about them constantly is part of the horrible notion that they might not come back to you for some reason. If you don’t love a person, you won’t sense that. In fact, for those who are in a relationship with no love, the opposite thing happens where one person is relieved and even feels happier when the other one is absent, even for just a short time.


2. You’re Excited to Share Things with Them

Do you see funny things on the TV or on social media and immediately want to share it with them? Thanks to modern communications technology, you can do that instantly, but this feeling has been around a lot longer. Back in the days before smartphones and instant Internet, people would comment on how they would see funny things and then feel they cannot wait to tell their loved one when they get back from work or later that evening.

It’s a classic sign that you’re in love because what it really means is that you love it when you get the opportunity to share something that you know will make the other person smile, laugh or otherwise feel happy. The outward and active desire to make someone else happy is a clear sign of the kind of devotion that we associate strongly with true love.


3. You’re Planning a Future with Them

Do you find yourself imagining what your future will be like with another person? Are you picturing the idea of living together, and maybe even buying a property together? Do you imagine what your wedding will be like? Do you think about having kids with that person? The fact is that when your thoughts about your relationship with a person frequently extend far beyond what you’re having for dinner that night or whose apartment you’ll stay in, then it’s a sign that you’ve developed very strong feelings for each other indeed.

It’s true that some people perhaps allow their thoughts to zoom too far ahead of where they are prematurely. This can happen, which is why this future planning is something one should be a little cautious about expressing. It can easily overwhelm the other party in the relationship if they don’t feel quite the same way yet. When you feel comfortable that both of you are on the same page, then this expression of love can become among the most beautiful of them all.

4. You’re Willing to Expose Vulnerability to Them

Our vulnerabilities are those things that we wish to hide from the rest of the world because they are usually a way that we can get hurt. These vulnerabilities are our weaknesses, the things that embarrassed or shamed us in the past; the mistakes we made that we bitterly regret; the things about ourselves that we sorely wish that we could change in an instant. These are not things that we reveal to other people lightly. Our close family members know about them, and quite possibly our very closest friends, but what about those with whom we share a romantic relationship?

When you are ready and willing to share your deepest, darkest secrets with someone; information with which another person could, if maliciously inclined, attack and hurt you, it’s a definite sign that you’re falling in love with that someone. Why? It’s all about trust. Another key pillar of true love is a deep-seated and powerful sense of trust and faith. You are willing to reveal your vulnerability because you believe strongly that this person will accept that information with an open heart and appreciate the chance to get to know you on a deeper level. You also trust in their discretion when it comes to keeping this information secret from others.


5. You’re Generally More Open with Them

Besides just revealing our vulnerabilities, the fact that you can be generally more open with another person is also a sign of that same foundational trust on which love is built. So, when you feel comfortable expressing your true thoughts and feelings on certain things and topics; things that you might modify or tone down when you’re with strangers or acquaintances, then you might just feel that way because you’re falling in love.

One should be aware, however, that this same feeling does apply quite well to any kind of close relationship. You’re not afraid to tell your close family members and dearest friends what you think as well, but it doesn’t mean that you’re in love with them, right? So, there is a distinction to be made here. The point is, though, that if you’re willing to be this open with someone with whom you’re currently enjoying a romantic relationship with, then it shows that your feelings are truly deepening.


6. You Put Their Own Happiness and Comfort Before Your Own

Finally, do you find yourself going out of your way to make another person feel good? Here’s a simple but relatable scenario. You’ve just come back from the grocery store and you realize that you’ve forgotten to buy a particular dessert or other food item that your partner really likes and perhaps was hoping to eat that evening. Even if the supermarket is miles away, and even if it means driving all the way back in the rain and then getting in line to pay again at the checkout, you don’t mind doing it. When you’re willing to go that far just to keep someone else happy, then it’s a pretty good sign that you’re in love!