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If you’ve tried one online dating app or matchmaking service, you probably feel like you’ve tried them all. For most sites, the routine can feel familiar. You make an account, upload some photos, answer questions to let others know something about yourself, and then you’re free to explore potential matches. WhatsYourPrice is different. It’s a new approach to the premium and affluent dating scene.

WhatsYourPrice is a unique dating site designed to work like an auction house. Users bid against other users for the privilege of taking another out on a first date. This amount is important too – the number you bid is the same you’ll need to spend on the date. In other words: big investment, big fun.

This also cuts out all the typical swiping and guesswork of modern dating. WhatsYourPrice changes the dating game. It seeks to level the playing field for men and make it more rewarding for women. Created by Brandon Wade, an MIT graduate in 2010, the site aims to help those who simply don’t have the time in a day to date – but may have the means. Individuals who might have missed out on the chance to meet attractive single now have that opportunity on a silver platter – assuming that’s what they bid.

While WhatsYourPrice might be unique in its concept and vision, does it make it worthwhile? We created an account to find out. Read our review to see if the price is right for WhatsYourPrice.


You Don’t have to pay subscription fee

The highest bidder gets the date

No expectations for the date


Some people feel uncomfortable with the concept

How Much Is WhatsYourPrice?



Per credit: $0.50
Total: $50



Per credit: $0.30
Total: $150



Per credit: $0.25
Total: $250

Signing Up for WhatsYourPrice

The process of making a WhatsYourPrice account is easy and intuitive. Registering is free and only takes a few minutes. When starting out, you are asked two questions that will decide what kind of experience you will have. What gender do you identify as? What are you looking for on a date?

If you are brimming with confidence and let your personality shine through your profile might consider having others bid for dates with you. On the other hand, if you are successful financially and know that you have more to offer than what you can put on a page, then being a bidder might be a better option.  

Either way, once your email is verified, you’re finished with setup and can fill out the rest of your profile at your leisure. More details about yourself such as education, income, location, ethnicity, religion, career goals, and even physical qualities are all welcome and helpful.  If you need to update your profile or want to shake things up, you can edit it any time, so there’s no stress to getting it done off the bat.  

Member Structure

WhatsYourPrice has over 4 million members with over 7.5 million bids on first dates.  These numbers have steadily increased since 2010 and show how active the platform has been over the years.

The gender makeup of the platform is roughly 60% male and 40% female. Most women are between 18 and 24, and most are college students. The men are typically older, around 34 to 55 – which makes sense given the platform is designed for those with successful and established professions.

The other benefit is that WhatsYourPrice began in the US and has a massive user base close to home – with thousands active weekly. Of those members, you’ll find a fairly even split wishing to engage in short-term flings or long-term relationships.

It should also be mentioned that the site’s bidders and “biddees” divide similarly across gendered lines – with the majority of bidders being men and biddees being women. There are no set rules on who can be a bidder or receive bids. However, this is still the most common bid relationship on the site.

Matching Process

There is no algorithm or matching system behind the scenes of WhatsYourPrice.  All matches are made with your bids and the individual accepting them. However, you should be aware that the person you’re bidding on can raise their expected price if you bid too low. This is known as counterbidding. It also gives the ones receiving the bids more control and incentivizes competitive bidding.

That being said, WhatsYourPrice simplifies the matching process with its bidding. The smallest you can bid is $5, but you also have to remember that you are competing against others, which will inherently raise the price.  The average winning bid for a first date is $125.  There is no maximum limit, and, in some circles, bids can average in the $300 – $400 range. Some bidding wars reach well into the thousands too!

Contact Options

Contact is simple and easy to use. If you don’t have funds in your account, you can’t make bids. The most you can do without paying is to explore and send ‘winks.’ These are effectively ‘likes’ on social media platforms like Instagram – they show interest but don’t have much weight.

For paying users, WhatsYourPrice does have a one-on-one chat between the bidder and the bid receiver. This is a critical tool to finalize details for the date and get to know your match! It’s also important because, at the moment, there is no video or voice chat feature on the site.

However, once a bid is accepted, it’s time to plan the date. The key thing to remember here is that the date must cost the promised amount. Once the date is over, there are no expectations on either the bid or bid receiver. It could lead to more dates, or it could just be a shared experience.

WhatsYourPrice App

At the time of writing, there is no mobile app for WhatsYourPrice on Android, iOS, or Google. There is a mobile-friendly browsing option, but many of the critical details of the website and live bids are unavailable or less intuitive than the website offers.  


WhatsYourPrice is unique in the wide world of online dating. It strikes a rare niche with a simple yet exciting core concept that sets it apart from other services. It not only allows individuals who might not shine through in profile creation to show who they are as a person but ensure that the first date really can be all it’s cracked up to be.

WhatsYourPrice gives the bidders and bid receivers more control in their dating experience than almost any other site. If you’re interested in trying out an exciting take on online dating or are ready to try something new, WhatsYourPrice might be the novelty you’ve been looking for.