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52% Male | 48% Female

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In-Depth Review of

There are a number of ways in which online dating sites make their niche and exclusivity known. It could be from an extensive sign-up, a targeted marketing approach, or a unique hook. In 2006, Brandon Wade created Seeking Arrangements, now known as Seeking, to help sugar relationships write their next great love story. Since then, just like the name has changed, so too has the site’s objective.

While Seeking still purports itself as a sugar dating site, it has branched to become the ultimate dating site for the elite. A place where the wealthy, famous, and attractive can find others cut from the same cloth. Although this inherently imposes exclusivity, the site has garnered worldwide acclaim since 2006 through its honest disclosure of these intentions to its members.

That all being said, it’s been a long time since 2006, and several other contenders in the online world of sugar dating have swept the market. Because of that, can Seeking stay on top? We made a profile to find out. Read our review to see if Seeking is the site you’ve sought in your own love life.


Credibility through background checks

Free to browse before paying for membership

High-quality matches


Pricey membership plan

Escorts and sex workers exist on the site

How Much Is



Per day: $3.33
Total: $99.99



Per day: $2.99
Total: $269.99

Signing Up for

To sign up for seeking, you’ll need to input basic information such as your email, your gender identity, who you’re interested in, your birthday, and whether you are ‘attractive’ or ‘established.’ This distinguishing title is essential, as the choice determines the nuances of profile creation. For example, an ‘established’ member might describe their budget expectations when dating and in a relationship, whereas an ‘attractive’ member would outline what they expect to be spent on them.

It’s also important to note that women who use their college email addresses will be offered a premium membership for free.

Beyond that, Seeking places security as a primary tenet of their business. Profile verification is an option many members elect to have completed through the Optimum Screening third-party platform. This group will do a full background check, ensuring that you are exactly who you say you are. This site caters to the ultra-wealthy and famous, so this verification is often necessary. Passing this verification will give your profile a verified badge, whereas failing will have your account deleted.

Optimum Screening ensures that your information is not shared with Seeking.

Lastly, you will be asked to upload a profile picture which, also as a security measure, will take some time to appear, as site administrators must first vet it.

Member Structure

The vast membership of Seeking is where the site shines. Since 2006, it has accrued over 40+ million members in 139 different countries, with around half of those active on the site. Of that large number, over 6 million are active at home in the US.

The total member base sees a relatively even split, with 52% identifying as male and 48% identifying as female. For a sugar dating site, this divide is phenomenal – as most sugar dating sites see a disproportionate number of males to females – very often favoring males. However, it should still be noted that around 80% of the total members on the site are considered in the ‘attractive’ category, whereas the remaining 20% are ‘established.’

 Due to this significant divide, ‘established’ members are limited to interacting or building relationships with four ‘attractive’ members to encourage competition among the elite. As a final note, it’s common to look for either a short-term fling or a long-term relationship on this site. Both are encouraged!

Matching Process

Seeking does provide matches based on an algorithm taking your profile and location into account. Though, the most commonly used feature on Seeking is the search. The amount of customization could even be described as overwhelming, with the plethora of options taken to the nth degree. Beyond simply interests, users can search for others with filters such as age, weight, height, hair color, eye color, smoking habits, drinking habits, and more.

Premium memberships on the site, whether ‘established’ or ‘attractive,’ will give access to additional filters and criteria such as net worth, gross income, current relationship status, ethnicity, and more. This sort of autonomy in search is greatly valued by the members of Seeking – which is why it’s so in-depth.

Another boon is the matching process given to premium memberships is the ability to boost your profile – promoting it to the top of search results and offering the most significant reach. It’s common practice on the site for ‘attractive’ members to filter their search to ‘established’ profiles who have already paid for the premium or even Diamond membership – as it shows off disposable income from the get-go. 

Contact Options

Seeking continues to show its unique approach to online dating through contact options. Where other sites might discourage contact outside of the site or service itself, Seeking encourages it. This is also why Seeking promotes social media integration with profiles to make sign-up easy and encourage sharing and taking advantage of the free marketing that social media offers.

 That isn’t to say that Seeking does not have a built-in chat feature available to both free and premium users – it does for any verified profiles. However, the website’s theme encourages honesty and direct communication among members. To that end, some other options for contact include sending private photos and video chats. These quality-of-life improvements have been warmly received across the board, and one final method of contact seeking encourages in-person meetings. 

Seeking App

Seeking has a mobile app available for Android but not iOS. The app has the same features as the site, including location-based matches. It also emphasizes chat features with notification pings to ensure you can always keep up with other potential partners on the go.


Seeking was a niche sugar dating site that has evolved into a household name for the wealthy and famous. It has marketed itself to become a dating site synonymous with the elite, and, to that end, it succeeds in what it set out to do. Seeking shows no signs of slowing down with a massive user base, efficient security measures, and an active community.

Of you’re an ‘attractive’ single or an ‘established’ individual looking for love, Seeking might be the site you’ve been looking for to start your next great love story!