Nicknames for Girlfriends

Nicknames for Girlfriends – A Complete Guide

When you’re single, you might hear couples using affectionate nicknames for each other and wince or cringe at first. However, when you find yourself in a relationship with a woman once again, what will you call her? Is her name alone enough? Or do you want to find a cute, warm, perhaps sometimes private name to call her that helps to mark the special bond that the two of you enjoy.

If it’s been a while since you were last in a relationship, or if the one you’re in is the first major relationship you’ve experienced, then you might need a little help coming up with ideas for a nickname you might use. Of course, many nicknames evolve as the result of inside jokes between people, but there are many names that people commonly use, too.

“Cute” Nicknames

Focusing on the purely cutest, most affectionate, and warmest nicknames is a good place to start. The following examples are perfect for those who are not totally sure on what kind of nickname they’d like to use, and/or want to keep things simple.


Sweetie / Sweetheart

Cutie (Pie)




My one and only

Pinky / Pinkie

My number one

Some might say that these are a bit “mainstream” and therefore lack that special uniqueness that communicates strong feelings of love and affection. But we feel that this is an unfair assessment, and that the reason many people like and use these nicknames is actually proof of their value and meaning.

“Food” Nicknames

Are you and your special lady foodies? Even if you wouldn’t call yourselves “foodies,” you might still share an important connection over food such as a shared passion for cooking, or just eating! In any event, here are some great food-related nicknames you can consider.



Sugar / Sugar lump



Peaches (and Cream)




Whatever flavor profile — sweet or savory — floats your boat, you’re sure to find a perfect nickname for your special girl.

“Animal” Nicknames

A lot of people out there like to believe that they have a “spirit animal” which refers to an animal with which they feel they have some kind of cosmic connection. Others may not feel anything so nebulous, but still love animals all the same. For these reasons and more, it’s natural that people should pick animal-related nicknames for the most beautiful lady in their lives.








Bumble bee / Honey bee


Animal nicknames are great because they can convey equal amounts of both soft affection as well as a more raw and energetic sexual passion. This brings us very neatly, therefore, to the next category of nicknames for girlfriends in our list.

“Sexy” Nicknames

Cutesie and sweet nicknames have their place in a relationship, but can they really do enough to express the sexual desire that exists between you and this woman you’re calling your girlfriend? When a fire is burning between you, you can’t simply express that with a simple “sweetheart.” Something more is needed, and we think we have some great suggestions for you below.

Luscious lips


Miss dynamite


Baby doll

Hot lips / Hot stuff



Sweet cheeks

These are the kind of nicknames you can use when things are hotting up between you, or when you want to remind your special someone just how stunning and sexy she really is.

“Flower” Nicknames

The beautiful colored petals of flowers have long been associated with femininity and womanhood, with many even being usable as first names for girls and women. They can also be easily used as nicknames, imparting the natural beauty of nature onto your significant other. Let’s take a look at some popular examples.



Lily Pad / Water Lily



My Rose / Rosie



Daisy / Buttercup

One of the best things about flower nicknames is that, like with animal nicknames, it’s easy to tailor them to specific people based on their floral preferences, color preferences, what’s growing in the garden outside, or even their first name.

“Title” Nicknames

When you want to place your girlfriend high up on a pedestal as you feel she deserves, why not make use of a noble and titular nickname to match it? The following are terrific examples of more “elevated” nicknames that you can give to the queen in your relationship.







SHE-E-O (like CEO)


Your Highness / Majesty / Grace

Is there any way to feel more special and important than by getting yourself a title? You can express that same sentiment with your girlfriend every day.

“Higher” Nicknames

Earthly titles are one thing, and perhaps are high and grand enough for some girlfriends, but for others it will never be quite enough. So, for those who want to elevate your queen even higher than before, here are some truly divine nicknames to get you started.

My sun and stars

My moon and stars

My everything




Divine one

My transcendent


Suggesting an other-worldly or divine element to your girlfriend’s beauty, kindness and natural sweetness can have nothing but a positive impact, right? If you think that’s the case, then any of these should do, but don’t stop there. How about taking a look at some strong female names from ancient mythologies? These might also serve to better reflect your girlfriend’s energy, power, and mystique.

“International” Nicknames

Finally, let’s take a look at some nicknames that are perfect for those with a more international and cosmopolitan background, or at the very least a passion for travel and exploring other cultures. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Mi amor

Spanish: My love


Turkish: My life

Mon petit chou

French: My little cabbage

Mi reina

Spanish: My queen


Italian: Treasure


Korean: Cutie

Ma belle

French: My beauty

Gioia Mia

Italian: My joy


German: Little Strawberry

There are so many different tongues out there, all with their own unique and often beautiful expressions of love and affection that can speak to us more loudly even than our mother tongue.

Choose Wisely, and Make Her Happy

The adoption of a nickname can mark a significant milestone in any relationship. Most importantly, it serves to show that you have become closer, more intimate and more comfortable with one another. Besides our suggestions above, there are undoubtedly hundreds of other possibilities you could explore. Do take time to think about it, but it’s also perfectly possible to let one emerge on a more natural, organic basis.