The League
Review 2023

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A place for the academically elite

Ambitious & successful singles

52% Male | 48% Female

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In-Depth Review of
The League

The League Dating app

For a lack of a better term, The League is for singles with “high standards.” We’re talking about the people that value higher education and take their careers seriously. These are the individuals that have a plan for their life and stick to the plan. If that sounds like you, The League might be the dating app for you. It’s a place for young professionals to find like-minded partners that care about the same thing and look sophisticated in a black and white photo.

Right off the bat when you visit The League’s homepage, you understand the kind of demographic the app attracts. They’re serious about matching you with singles that have the same preferences as you. In their words, they “don’t believe in wasting anyone’s time here.” When you match with someone on The League, they’re confident that you’ll form an instant connection after conversing. In fact, if you swipe right and match with someone and don’t start a conversation, you’ll get penalized with an increased “flakiness score.”


Heavily vetted members

Every member is on the same level

Only for singles with high standards


Expensive to skip the waiting list

Need to pass verification process

How Much is The League?



Per month: $199.99
Total: $199.99



Per month: $99.00
Total: $297.00



Per month: $67.00
Total: $402.00

Signing Up for The League

We must warn you that not everyone can be a member of The League. They lend themselves to being an exclusive club for a particular demographic. In a way, they want you to be able to brag to others that you’re a member of The League. It’s a dating app designed by the elite for the elite. It’s a club for successful singles to meet, chat, and find love. That means you’ll need the right credentials to get accepted as a member.

For starters, unless you want to pay an exorbitant amount of money, you can’t bypass signing up through Facebook or LinkedIn. This is how The League verifies your identity and figures out what you do for a living (and that’s important to them). However, just because you check all the boxes for having higher education and a successful job doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be accepted. Even those with exceptional resumes get put on the waiting list.

Basically, The League looks at your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to see if you have the right connections and friends. If you have the right connections, it’s more likely that you will be approved. Your status is essentially measured by your education level, career, and social circle ranking. For these reasons, there are over 100,000 people on the waitlist for The League in the United States alone.

The good news is that you can skip this step and become a member on the same day. The catch is that you have to spend a lot of money for that to happen. But then again, exclusive memberships often cost a pretty penny, and those who are successful enough won’t think twice about paying those fees.

Another way to become a member without having to wait on a long list is to know someone who is already a member. This person will have to endorse your membership if you’re going to get accepted. However, you still might have to wait for the moderators to do a background check on your success level.

Member Structure

As of now, there are just over 33,000 members in the United States—that’s how exclusive we’re talking. While the gender distribution is pretty closely matched, women do make up a higher percentage. You’ll also find that most members fall on the younger side, usually between the ages of 25 and 35.

Because most members have to wait on a long waiting list or pay expensive membership fees to get in, the activity level is top tier. Around one-third (10,000) of members log in every single day. Most of them are straight singles from the US, but you’ll also find users from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Matching Process

Everyone loves Happy Hour, right? Well at Happy Hour every day on The League app, you’ll receive 5 matches based on your preferences and the preferences of the people you match with. These will be singles with the same motivation, drive, and passion in their careers and life as you do. That’s because those are the only people that get accepted into The League. Their vetting process ensures that every member has those types of traits.

If you’re not happy with the limited number of matches you receive daily, you also have the opportunity to purchase tickets. With these tickets, you can purchase an additional batch of matches. Or you become a League Member or League Owner by paying membership fees, and that will get you an allotment of tickets and VIP treatment. You can also

If you’re looking for a more traditional way of meeting people, there are League Groups that you can join to hang out with other elite singles. These groups are typically named after the activity the group participates in, such as the “Golf Buddies,” “Bruch Lovers,” or “Yacht Week.” Joining a group is a great way to socialize with like-minded individuals and meet someone more organically while having fun.

Contact Options

What stands out about the league to us is its video capabilities. They are really embracing new technology and the high-definition cameras that iPhones and Android phones have. One feature we found interesting is their speed dating days. On a particular day, the app will ask you to log in at a certain time to go on three 3-minute video chats with three different singles in your area. These little mini-dates are intended to see if you instantly connect with someone.

There is also the 1:1 Video Chat feature that allows you to talk face to face when anyone you’ve matched with. You don’t have to exchange numbers because everything is right there in the app. Plus, you don’t have to wonder if someone looks anything like their photos in person because members can take 10-minute videos of themselves in full color. You will even increase your like rate by providing one of these videos.

The League App

We must say, you definitely get what you ask for with The League app. It’s sleek, easy to use, and doesn’t take much of a learning curve to figure it out. We like the use of black and white as a minimalist touch, along with the teal and gold tones. Available on both the Android and Apple app stores, The League has been downloaded over 100,000 times, many more times than they have members.


f you’re an elite single looking for other elite singles, why wouldn’t you want to join The League? It’s got everything you would ever want in a dating app and more. The only issue is whether you’re elite enough to get accepted. Or, you can drop some serious cash if you want to skip the waitlist line and start matching right away. The League is also a great way to join social groups that do activities together. So if you’re told your standards are too high, give The League a try. You never know, you might just get accepted.