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For Christian Singles looking for love

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Finding love within a community that shares your values and beliefs is an understandable and healthy goal, but often the dating platforms that cater to the Christian demographic can be expensive. Sure, there is always in-person dating, but being a member of a smaller demographic of singles shouldn’t limit your access to modern online dating. That’s why Christian Dating for Free exists.

Claiming to be a fully functional dating platform that caters to Christian singles, Christian Dating for Free offers an affordable alternative to other Christian dating platforms. But just how good is it? And is it actually “free”? We created an account to find out. Read on to hear our thoughts!


For people looking to fall in love

Forum for members to share their faith

Also for people looking for friendship


Free version is limited and contains ads

Not for casual flirting or hookups

How Much Is ChristianDatingForFree?

All basic features are completely free, but you’ll have to put up with loads of ads. 

Signing Up for

Signing up for Christian Dating for Free is relatively simple, though it can take a few minutes depending on the user. Creating an account is done through email and after registering, a verification link will be sent to you. This is to ensure all accounts that sign up for the service are tied to a real person, and helps cut down on the number of fake users and bots that can infiltrate other free dating services.

After email verification, new users will be directed to a required personality questionnaire. This process involves a range of questions on different topics, and the time it takes to complete can vary depending on the user. Early questions are related to personal descriptions, and ask you to describe things like your height, eye and hair color, and some other general physical characteristics. From here you will have the opportunity to talk more about your life experience and future plans. Beyond that, the site asks about your education, profession, hobbies, interests, and expectations related to children.

As a specifically Christian dating website, Christian Dating for Free’s questionnaire also spends a good deal of time on matters of faith. These questions offer the chance to describe details of your faith, personal beliefs, and specifics about the name of your church, frequency of attendance, and of course your specific denomination. These details allow users to understand the religious beliefs of their matches even before conversations begin.

Member Structure

Christian Dating for Free is best described as an average sized service, with a user base of about 300,000 active members. Luckily, the vast majority of these users are located in the US.

The gender demographic is skewed slightly towards women around 54% to men’s 46%, but the age range of users is a factor in the gender distribution. The service has a large number of women between the ages of 25 and 34 active on the website, with comparatively fewer men in this category. The 18 to 24 and 35 to 44 demographics are much closer to gender parity and represent the majority of users.

Finally, as you might expect, the majority of the site is represented by the Christian demographic, though it does allow for members of others faiths to join as well. And also as you might expect, it caters to the more long-term relationship crowd rather than the short-term flings.

Matching Process

The matching process for Christian Dating for Free is an active one. This means that the service won’t go out of its way to provide you with matches, or use any kind of algorithm to show compatibility. Instead, the service relies on more of a community model. This means that users can use search tools to find ideal matches, but can also participate in the community forums.

What is unique about Christian Dating for Free is the way it encourages users to participate in forum conversations, and to get started speaking with other users there. This model allows you to engage with potential matches in a friendly, community environment before deciding to send a private message.

Typically dating services have strict membership structures that lock all but the most basic features behind a paid subscription, but not Christian Dating for Free. Free users have the ability to send and receive messages, get matches, send ‘winks,’ participate in the community forums, and even join live chat rooms. These are all features typically locked behind a paywall with other services.

There is still a fee-based service, but the features here are less about vital services and more about improving the overall quality of experience. This means removing advertisements, allowing for a larger number of profile images to be uploaded, and increasing your visibility on the platform when someone is searching. It also has some smaller features, like seeing other users’ last login date, seeing if your message was deleted by a recipient, and also keeping your messages save for more than 90 days. None of these features are needed to enjoy the platform, but all help make the experience more manageable.

Contact Options

We’ve mentioned a few contact options already, but those and the rest are fairly straightforward. While encouraging forum conversations is perhaps the most unique way to make contact on Christian Dating for Free, much of your direct communication will be done through direct messaging. Any user can be messaged through inbox style messaging, though some might specify the criteria of their potential matches before sending a private message.

Another option is the chat feature, which can only be used with confirmed matches and only when the recipient is online. Importantly, the chat function doesn’t allow for the sending of photos which makes it more limited, so most uses prefer to use inbox-style messaging as it is more flexible and user friendly.

Users can also communicate through live chats, though this is a public forum and won’t allow for one-on-one communication. For those shyer users, winks are also an option. Similar to Facebook likes, winks can be sent to a user to show interest without the stress of coming up with an opening line.


The service has a fully functional mobile app for both iOS and Android users. The app is easy-to-use and encompasses all the features available in the desktop version. It also gives you a distinct notification sound when you receive a message, which can be nice when passively using the service.

The one downside is that the app seems to have more ads than the desktop version, which can impact the overall experience of free users.


For those singles looking for love in specific communities, options for dating platforms can be expensive, limited, or lacking active users. Luckily, Christian Dating for Free seems to overcome all of these issues.

The service boasts an active userbase with strong community appeal. It also succeeds at offering services for free that competitors hide behind paywalls. If you’re looking for faith-based matchmaking without expensive monthly subscriptions, then Christian Dating for Free is a great place to start!